Hair Removal Services


For the more sensitive areas, hard wax is used. This is a more gentle hair removal system with superior anti-irritant ingredients to ensure less inflammations.


Lip                                                                              $12

Chin                                                                            $12

Nose                                                                            $12

Brow                                                                           $15

Underarm                                                                    $25

1/2 leg                                                                         $40

Full leg                                                                        $70

1/2 Arm                                                                       $25

Full arm                                                                       $45

Back                                                                             $50

Bikini                                                                            $25

Brazilian                                                                       $60



I take special pride in being very sanitary and discrete

Please refrain from using retinol or like wise products 7 days prior to treatment


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